We can always use things to improve the lives of the ones we serve.

Below is a list of some of the items we could use at this time.
  • Gift cards are always a great hit because a Veteran can go out and purchase the things he needs.
  •  Underwear boxer and briefs (size large to XXL)
  • T-shirts (Size large to XXL men's Cotton Socks)
  • Work Boots
  • Blankets & sheets  (Fitted, if possible *Twin Size*)
  • Twin size mattress pads
  • Pillows


  The Veterans’ Place needs the monetary donations it receives to continue to operate and provide the help to our veterans.  Any donation you are able to provide will help. Our food budget alone is around $70,000.00 per year. We hope that we can receive your support now and in the future. We invite all of the members and their family members and friends to visit us so you can see our home.  Our programs ensure our residents will become healthy, functioning members of our society -  able to hold down a job and relate to neighbors and friends.  

(BIG NEWS December 2017)

Thanks to the generosity of a donor we no longer have a mortgage we have to pay on every month.  We still are not out of the woods it takes a lot of help from a lot of people to be able to do the things we do. All of US including the residents are so thankful that The Veterans' Place has been able to receive all of the gifts/donations year round to keep us operating.