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Wishlist of Supplies

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100% of all goods and supplies go directly to our residents. Receipts for charitable, in-kind donations are available for tax-filing purposes. This list is updated regularly. 

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Monies for a countertop commercial convection/microwave
Monies for a good cutlery set
Monies for more new mattress replacements
Monies for the front porch roof repairs
DVD movies
As many as possible
In good condition
Used recliners
In good condition
Used dressers
In good condition
Cribbage boards and large print playing cards
A few sets
Any brand
New kitchen towels
Sets are ideal
New sheet sets, mattress covers and blankets
10 sets
All sizing for twin beds
New standard pillows
Any brand
New bath towels
Any color

Interested in donating items?

Please contact our director first to ensure your donation meets our needs.

Karen may be reached at and (802) 485-8874.

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