Our Purpose

Our purpose is to help Vermont's veterans by providing desperately needed resources in an all-in-one locale so these veterans may regain their PRIDE, reach their full potential, and once again become contributing members of society.


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                                                                                 June 2018

 The Veterans Place was notified that we were pre-slected for funding funded for another year.  We are waiting for finalization after sending in more finacial information. This will be helpful for us meaning we do not have to displace any of our residents and can continue to serve them.  The most recent application was in our opinion much stronger than the one we submitted in 2017 and the results show that. We certainly want to make sure all those who have stood up for us and supported us.  The funding does not cover everything and we would not be able to do what we do for the residents without the help from all of our supporters.


Help those who served us, a small donation can go a long ways in the lives of a homeless veteran.