Our Purpose

Our purpose is to help Vermont's veterans by providing desperately needed resources in an all-in-one locale so these veterans may regain their PRIDE, reach their full potential, and once again become contributing members of society.


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I want to make sure that rumor does not cloud the truth about The Veterans' Place

We went through an application process to continue being funded by Veterans Affairs through what is called the NOFA Notification of Funds Available. It is the federal budget that comes out yearly. It was decided that all Grant Per-diems across the nation would apply through a competitive application process. The process started in December 2016 and we had to have our applications in by April 4th.

We learned that we were not going to be funded and that our guys would have to find another place to live. There was some issues with the whole process and of course what would the programs do that were not being funded. They were going to allow funding for 90 days after we were notified. The notification was going to be made in September.

The Secretary of Veterans Affairs decided last Friday that all Grant Per-diem programs would be funded for another year and there would be yet another application process coming up. Needless to say there was some uproar about it all.

We will be in the same position again wondering if we will be funded and able to continue. Nothing is worse than the feeling that the Veterans' Place could close. We need as much support as we can get to make sure that if we are not funded from Veterans Affairs we can stay open.

The Veterans’ Place is a transitional housing facility combined with Case Management

for Homeless Veterans in Central Vermont.

Check out this link for a bit more about us and our current status.



Help those who served us, a small donation can go a long ways in the lives of a homeless veteran.