Structured Transitional Housing

Your goal is our goal

The Veterans' Place helps veterans successfully overcome drug and alcohol use by creating a structured environment with clearly defined rules and expectations. We maintain an individualized approach with flexibility for our Veterans who experience relapse, a common part of the recovery process.

What we offer

Our case managers are sensitive to the lived experiences of Veterans and trained to recognize underlying symptoms of trauma or anxiety that might be driving substance use. This sensitivity helps avoid triggering traumatic events. Both of our case managers are certified substance counselors.

Our program is one of the few, if only, transitional housing programs in the region that has the experience and willingness to welcome homeless Veterans coming out of detox, and provide recovering veterans with a safe haven while waiting several weeks to enter the Substance Abuse Recovery and Rehabilitation Treatment Program (SARRTP) at the White River Junction Veterans Administration Medical Center (VAMC), or transitioning out of the SARRTP program.

We are able to accept Veterans discharged from the hospital or rehab as long as their medical and personal care needs do not exceed the ability of our staff but are provided supplemental rehabilitation care by an organization such as Central Vermont Home Health and Hospice (CVHHH), the regional visiting nurse association, or other healthcare organization.

Each resident at our facility has an individualized plan to help them meet their goals for ending homelessness. This plan focuses on a variety of areas, including access to medical and mental health care; substance abuse counseling and support programs; transportation to the VA for care; supports needed for finding employment and/or increasing income through disability; and supports necessary for identifying and maintaining permanent housing. Our Case Managers and our Housing Specialist work closely with each resident to help him meet personal goals. Through case management, we also help Veterans resolve housing, legal, and debt issues, and increase their income at discharge through increased disability support and/or employment.

Our home is fully handicapped accessible, including an elevator accessing all three floors. 

James Savanna,
a former resident


You'll find community, shelter, and hope at The Veterans' Place

Ready to apply?

Contact us and our staff will work with you to determine if you or an interested applicant is eligible for our services. Call (802) 485-8874.

Please Note: As a result of COVID-19 and for the foreseeable future, we are only accepting veteran applications from the White-River Junction service area. If you are unsure of your eligibility, please contact us. 

Hours: 0700 - 1700

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